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Walking the waggle

I read the other day that the best way you can show love to your dog is taking them for a walk every day. Even more if you can walk them twice a day!



Workout Wednesday – Four on the floor

Wednesday rolls round all too soon, and today’s workout is all about tips for keeping your doggie from jumping up.

The best place to start for this is reinforcing what is generally known as “four on the floor”. Now, we’re not talking about cars here, but having the dog’s paws (all four of them) on the ground during training and rewards.

10 minutes in the morning or evening, or 5 minutes for both is really all you need to keep your dog interested, working and having fun.

You can start this really easily from when your dog is just a puppy, and all the way through their lives, whenever you need to reinforce the behaviour.

Simple exercises such as walking together, come, heel, and stay can all be places where you reinforce this habit.

And it’s as simple as holding off your reward until the dog has all four feet on the ground. This is especially for owners of small dogs, who have a lot further to go when treating. You may also find that small dogs tend to jump a bit more for attention. I’ve certainly found that a hard habit to break with Jaxon, who loves food and attention.

Jumping Jack Flash

Jumping Jack Flash








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The sparkly tree went up

The sparkly thing is up

The sparkly thing is up












Jaxon was pretty non-plussed at the activity that created the sparkly tree this weekend. While his co-habiting cat creatures were very excited by the prospect of getting baubles to bat around the house, Jaxon took his opportunity to sleep quietly in the kitchen, away from the noise and activity.

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oh so tired….

Charity Jumping trial -Bushfire Appeal

Charity trial wrap

Bushfire Appeal Jumping trial

Bushfire Appeal Jumping trial

It was a great night at the Dogs NSW Bushfire Appeal Jumping trial. There were three rings running, nearly 750 entries, around 250 dogs running, and about 180 handlers.

Needless to say, walking the course was like rush hour in the city, and we had to stand back each time to wait for the crowd to dissipate before we could take a good look at the course.

Thanks to the wonderful Agility Club members at NSDTC, we had amazing food, great company and we even had a cheer squad.

Complete with Chandelier!
Complete with Chandelier!

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Jumping for Charity

Tomorrow night we’re off to Western Sydney to do not one, but THREE jumping trials to help raise money for the Bush Fires.

It looks like it’s going to be a busy night, with 750 entries! That also means we’re in for a long night.

It’ll be interesting to see how much energy Jaxon has at midnight for our last trial. Oh, and me! Better take some tea too.

Workout Wednesdays

We’re taking the lead of some great “Dlogs” we know, and putting some themes into our days here on AgilityPap.

Casting shadows

Casting shadows

So Wednesdays are going to be all about the kinds of workouts you can do to keep you and puppy fit. Our workouts will take no longer than 10 minutes, and be a great addition to your training or fun. They will be both physical and mental, and should have you and pup feeling great after each session.

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Wonder weaves – Final installment

Well, mum thought I did a great job at weaving on the video. So I thought she meant that’s it – no more weaving.

She’s tried to get me to weave this week, but I’d much rather run away, get her to chase me, find a ball, run up and down the stairs. So many other things in life. Anyhow, here’s proof I can actually weave…

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