Discovery Mondays – Learning to speak dog

Every Monday we’re going to share some discoveries we’ve come across, what-ever they may be.


Sometimes it’ll be silly content, other times we hope it’s as interesting to you as it is to us.

This week I’ve been studying the European agility method that is sweeping the world – One Mind dogs. It’s amazing everything I’ve learnt about dogs in the last 6 months through agility & obedience, but I really started to get how Jaxon is connecting with me through OMD. It’s been an awesome discovery and built on where we were in such a short time.

A simple thing for your to discover yourself.

When your dog is ‘listening’ to your instructions for come, as humans we naturally think the voice & hand are where the animal will come to, as that’s exactly what we expect from other humans.

Try this and let me know your discovery:

Leave your dog at sit.

Walk away about 2 – 3 meters from the dog & stay facing away from them.

Now face your head & eyes to your left, put your right hand out & call your dog to ‘Come’.

Which side does your dog come to?

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  1. The topic of the day it seems in dog blog world. Are you on the Australian OMD Facebook page? If not get on it and put this post on it.

  2. Mawson come to the head and eyes side…

    • Exactly! The eyes are more important than the hands, even if you have a treat in your hands. It’s definitely correct as Jason ignored the treat in the hand every time!

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