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Workout Wednesdays

We’re taking the lead of some great “Dlogs” we know, and putting some themes into our days here on AgilityPap.

Casting shadows

Casting shadows

So Wednesdays are going to be all about the kinds of workouts you can do to keep you and puppy fit. Our workouts will take no longer than 10 minutes, and be a great addition to your training or fun. They will be both physical and mental, and should have you and pup feeling great after each session.

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Wonder weaves – Final installment

Well, mum thought I did a great job at weaving on the video. So I thought she meant that’s it – no more weaving.

She’s tried to get me to weave this week, but I’d much rather run away, get her to chase me, find a ball, run up and down the stairs. So many other things in life. Anyhow, here’s proof I can actually weave…

Wonder Weaves Video Part 2

The long awaited second instalment of our weaving! Enjoy

Wonder Weaves video part 1

We promised a video – so here’s the first of 3. Hope you enjoy!

Wonder Weaves

It’s an amazing feeling when you really find the partnership between dog and human, and achieve something you’ve been working towards for ages.

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Susan Garrett in Australia

Well, it was a bit late to find out, but we discovered this week that Susan Garrett was in Australia for a training camp. Can you imagine a whole week of training with her (well, if you had a pup old enough, and got into the camp)!?

We are really enjoying the 2×2 weaves method, and I can see Jaxon is actually starting to get faster and faster through the weaves. When we watched her DVD, we could hardly believe how fast Susan & her dog Encore went (well, really just how fast Encore was!). Encore was like a streak through the weaves, and hit the entry perfectly every time.

It really inspired us to try harder on getting a bit better, even though we’ll never be as great as Susan & Encore. I recommend if you’re struggling with weave training to check out the DVD, or even read Susan’s Blog

Weaves again…

Another day getting out in the yard and playing “weaves”. Jaxon loves food so much it’s taken a week to transition him from chasing a treat out of the weaves to chasing a ball.

Last week we started with Susan Garrett’s 2×2 Weaves DVD. While the DVD says you can get a dog weaving in just 12 days, we learnt quickly that Susan is training the dog 3 times a day.

No wonder Jaxon wasn’t up to speed – we’d only been training twice a day at most! Now we’re taking it a bit slower & watching the DVD in parts so as to keep up with Susan in the right places.

Jaxon can do 4 weaves now, but sometimes misses the entry. We're working hard on that.

Jaxon can do 4 weaves now, but sometimes misses the entry. We’re working hard on that.

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